Schutzhund And Sport Bite Sleeve

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Schutzhund And Sport Bite Sleeve

While choosing a dog training equipment, do not neglect both your and your dog's safety. Buy only high-quality dog protection training equipment! In this category, you may find a bite dog sleeves for Schutzhund training. It is important to mention that all our sleeves are produced in accordance with all necessary standards, so they are recommended by vets. Moreover, we start selling our gear only after it has been tested and approved by professional dog trainers. So, while buying our gear, be sure of its reliability. Do not hesitate, choose the model you like best and enjoy your dog's bite training sessions!
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Best Sellers - Dog Bite Sleeves

Bite Dog Sleeve for Perfect Fit

Let's examine the structure of the bite sleeve. It is made of some special NK-material which is durable, hypoallergic and absolutely safe for the dog's health. This equipment is designed using no plastic or metal parts in the bite area for maximum protection of the dog's teeth. Well thought-out design provides you with unbelievable comfort while training. It has a fitted elbow bend so you can move your arm without feeling no constraining. It also comes higher up to shoulder in case the dog strikes higher. The bite sleeve fits any size arm. It is light enough and gives the decoy excellent mobility whilst providing great protection from even the hardest biters.

Key features of these bite sleeves:

  • Made of special NK-material
  • Padded handle inside of the sleeve
  • Plastic shoulder protector
  • Leather belt for sleeve cover secure attachment
  • Perfect bite area angle

Intended use of these bite sleeves:

  • Schutzhund training
  • Schutzhund Trial/Championship/Competition
  • Adult experienced dog bite sleeve training

Note! If you want your training dog sleeve with shoulder protection to serve your pet longer, use it with removable cover ONLY! From time to time you will have to change the sleeve cover, but the bite sleeve itself will keep its state. The service life of the removable cover depends upon the frequency of usage. In our web store, you may find French Linen cover, French Linen cover with central bite grip area made of leather and jute cover. Choose the one you like best.

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